Meet the Moschoudis Family

When you meet Angelina, what you’ll notice first is her amazing smile. Mum, Giovi, says that it’s enough to light up a dark room!

Along with brother Aydan, father Charles, step siblings Ethan and Lili and their Nonno, are taking on Ks for Kids to help find a cure for Angelina’s rare genetic disease.

Angelina was born with a defect to the CASK gene, which means that her brain hasn’t grown properly.

But with the help of the team at CMRI, Angelina’s finding her feet more and more every day!

“Angelina has taught us to enjoy and remember every milestone in her life no matter how small. From her first word, to being able to hold an item in each hand, being able to smile, laugh, play, to taking her first steps and dancing – each moment, I can replay in my mind and I note down every date, time, and when it happened.

“Angelina’s strength and fierceness is something that I am in awe of – watching her try so hard to achieve things that would normally come naturally just makes me feel so proud”