Introducing Liam

When you meet Liam, there’s one thing you’re certain to notice – he has the most supportive family and friends in the entire world!

Liam was born with a genetic disease called Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia, which means he can’t clear mucus from his lungs or sinuses, and this leads to frequent bacterial infections in his airways.

He has his parents, Eryn and Luke, as well as two older sisters Charlotte and Jess, who are just like two ‘extra mums’, according to Eryn.

Despite the incredible daily challenges that Liam faces, Eryn says that more people need to see just how resilient Liam is – and now that he’s a personal Ks for Kids trainer, they have the perfect opportunity!

Last year, the family took on Ks for Kids to support research that can one day help other families going through the same journey as them, and Eryn says they found it incredibly rewarding.

Showing their support of CMRI research is important to Liam and his family. One area of CMRI's research is the development of gene therapy tools, called vectors, which can one day be used to treat diseases affecting the lungs, such as cystic fibrosis or PCD.

Like everyone else in the Ks for Kids community, Eryn and the family believe that there is an amazing, jam-packed future in store for Liam.

"My hope is that in the future all kids living with a genetic disease will not be defined by their disease. That they will, in fact, just be kids – kids who can play, learn, and grow, just like all kids should"

Eryn (Liam's Mum)