Rebecca Martens

Walking for William

Since William was born, and then diagnosed with Early Infantile Epileptic Encephalopathy due to an extremely rare mutation in his SPTAN1 gene, we have been inundated by offers of support from all our family and friends, far and wide. Every one wants to help wherever they can, but one of the hardest aspects of a genetic diagnosis like this one is that we really all feel pretty helpless. 

In the month of May, I have decided to participate in this years K’s for Kids to hopefully make some money for the Children’s Medical Research Institute in the hope that as the years pass, less and less families and beautiful little babies like William have to find themselves in this situation.

If you are still looking for a way to help out babies like William then please feel free to donate, sponsor me, or even get in on the fun and participate yourself as part of Team William!

Thanks, Bec x

This May, I’m walking 6,000 steps a day to help Children's Medical Research Institute (CMRI) find cures for genetic diseases and childhood cancers.

Walking every single day isn’t going to be easy, but it’s nothing compared to the challenges facing children and families affected by these diseases.

I’m glad to be doing my bit to help step up the pace on much-needed research and I’m hoping you can do the same by making a donation today.”

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My daily target 6,000 Steps








hours of research into
children's genetic diseases



Maureen Fehon

We are with you all the way. So proud of you trying to make a difference for others.


Mr Christopher Fehon

So proud of what you are doing.


Michael And Emma Obrien

We are with you every step of the way! All our love, Michael, Emma and Madison xoxo



Hi Bec I wish you and your family all the best 🙏🙏🙏


Andrew & Ethan

Love and support to you all. Xxx


Adam And Annalisa Murphy

Dear Brad and Rebecca, Our hearts are with you and William. We pray that everything works out for you all. Love Adam and Annalisa


Joe Gurka

Hi Bec, You are doing a fantastic job. Such a cute, thriving little boy. All the best - you deserve it! Joe


Jayson Diaz



Alex And Brendan Fehon

Bec you are incredible, sending all our love xxx


Reboundrehab - Kaye Bruce

Hi Rebecca Congratulations on the arrival of baby William. We hope this helps a little in the quest for better research for genetic diseases. The Reboundrehab team.


Lisa And George Spanos (new Neighbours)

Praying for you and your family.


Geoff & Victoria R

Wishing the whole family all the very best.


Jill Hummell

Walk well Rebecca! love to you, Brad, Sophie & William


Liz Scholder

All our love and support to you, Brad, Sophie, and William.


Steph Lam

You're a legend Bec! xoxo


Amanda Vizas

Hi Rebecca, I wish you and your family all the best in this journey. 🙏🏼❤️


Seb Ranguis

Thinking of you guys being amazing parents to your little William.


Steve Sanders

All our love Bec and Brad. Steve and Jane


Sally & Spot

Good luck Bec!


Samantha Allen

Such a wonderful initiative Rebecca. Sending love and support to you and your family. All the best with each step on your journey.


Kate Walls

Amazing stuff!


Rebecca Martens


Charonne Douglas




All the best Bec for your goal in May, and such a good cause too! 👍


Carolyn Lenhardt

Please count me in for K'sforkids. All the best to William and his beautiful family xx


Des And Deb Stapleton

Great work Bec. William is certainly good motivation. xx


Mark Levinge


Steve & Robyn

So proud of you Rebecca your an amazing Mum ❤❤


Niranjali O’connor

Great effort Bec, sending my best wishes to you all x


Chiaki Kojima

Dear Rebecca, I sincerely wish for the development of a good treatment option for the cutest baby like William who suffers rare genetic disease. Thank you for including me for the brave walk along with William, you and your family. My thoughts are with you.


Justin Tan

Wish William Well and hope mysterious acronym diagnosis does have a treatment in the future


Belinda Carr

Sending William and your family strength and courage and improving health. Xx


Neeta Patel

Thank you Rebecca and kudos for initiating this for the research and giving the opportunity to support. Great news about CMRI committing to research and gene therapy.


Fiona Bennett

Go Bec, what a great way to raise money for CRMI & to help other children. Best wishes & I hope you find time each day to fit in all the steps!


Bernard Fehon

thanks for helping to fund research for kids.


Steven Faux

All our best from me and the tean at St V’s


Alison Andrews


Jo Lees

What a great cause for little William. Good luck Bec!


David Chapman


Nidhi Gupta

Hi Rebecca You are a brave and beautiful person. I wish William and your family all the best.


Paul Wheat


Michelle And Sean

Thank you for all that you are doing for your beautiful boy and more


Sarah Tom & George

Thinking of you.




Anika Wise


Damo & Jacqueline Brown

Sending you love and support as you take on this very special fundraiser!


The Hanneys


Mike ^ Caroline Steinberg

Wishing William all the best. Good cause to help others in the future.


Joanna Elizalde

All the best for William ,your whole family and Children's Medical Research Institute. Keep up the good work!!


Kimberly Ferguson

A little something to help towards research. Sending all the love and support to William. x



Wishing little William all the best, Brad and Rebecca!


Beth Stewart

Bec and Brad – sending you and the kids lots of love on this journey. We are thinking of you! Beth and Bryan x


Megan Moa

It’s only a little but every penny counts. Much love to you William & Bec enjoy your steps :)x